April 30, 2009

13th colony distillery

Friday night we atttended one of the most aesthetically pleasing parties i ever been to. please don't even remind me of how heartbroken i am over not having taking any pictures by asking to see them). but that's not what this post is about.

upon my (not first) visit to the bar i noticed i didn't recognize the vodka. this was a bit alarming to me since i (am a vodka snob) had been drinking it. as i looked closer i became curious. a few people from my very own Albany had been working on a distillery in Americus I remembered... could this be the glorious result? a few minutes later i ran into one of the very men. i inquired. he confirmed. toasts were exchanged.

but here's the best part. it really is (very) good vodka. i (and i'm knocking on wood - for future consumption - as i type this) wasn't (knock knock) even (knock knock - a little lighter this time as to not draw attention to myself) hungover (KNOCK!)

learn more (but not much more) here

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