April 10, 2009

have a lovely weekend

this weekend will be spent showering the same friend from last weekend - only in my town this time. tonight though, we'll be at a Master's themed par-tee, yes, it's really called a 'par-tee'. and Sunday will, of course be faith and family-filled as we remember our Savior as The Risen Lord. and hopefully hunt a few eggs (which reminds me, i've YET to have a cadbury. i distinctly remember matt promising me one however long ago the stores put them on the shelves...)?! while Christmas remains my absoulte fave holiday, i am really feeling Easter this year. Hopefully we'll have some photos to share next week. Kristen? xx

p.s. i will really try to not wear polyvore out - i just reeeeaaalllyy, really love it right now! and, apparently, Virginia Johnson.

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