April 13, 2009

home shown

while we think etsy rocks, our retailers are swell and custom orders are cool, we reeeallllyyy love home shows. is that cheesy?

literally cannot get a photo with MJ in the vicinity without having her end up in the actual picture!

we love(d) this white series. and we weren't the only ones. the complete set ended up on one buyer's dining room wall!

home shows are a great showcase for our frames because potential buyers cannot only see the great colors and textures of our frames in the... flesh(?) but they can also see them in environments where they are going to end up and they just look so at... home!

it is debatable but i often believe these are my two most favorite frames we've ever made. i think this pic makes me love them even more ;)

we always have such fun! and have the most lovely hosts

the sweetest (former) stranger(!) graciously hosted us in Athens last Winter. good times!

a case of the blues

i swear blue is not my favorite color (or mood)

i'm pretty sure we only went home with one of these!

if you are in our area - and "our area" is negotiable - and are interested in hosting a stewart & james show for your colleagues and community please contact us at stewartandjames(at)gmail(dot)com . there is (of course!) something in it for you! xx

photographs courtesy of stewart and james

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  1. love love love the bright green one in picture 4. and mj is adorabale


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