April 16, 2009

{it's} in the bag

so, apparently i carry a purse so heavy it can quite literally pull a (it's worth mentioning, tiny) woman halfway to the ground - which begs the question, what qualifies as "normal" contents of one's handbag?

oh - and i should note, i did not even carry a purse at all until i was about 21 years old. only then did i carry one because upon starting my first internship my adorable Nana insisted on taking me shopping to purchase both a pair of shoes and handbag proper for a young professional (it should also be noted that this precious lady both lives on a farm, in the house she was born in and has not ever left the country - neither figuratively nor literally). anyway, about the pair of shoes and the handbag, i still have both. i think i had a few "purses" (read: of the ones I can recall one was a pink patent cat face with a mouse-as-a-change-purse attachment the other, a hemp pouch) before then - but would leave them places like Pizza Hut (when i was young enough to like Pizza Hut) and then just gave up on them all together. so, you can imagine my surprise when last week it is revealed to me that I, do, in fact, keep the heaviest handbag of anyone I know. I always noticed it was inconveniently heavy and uncomfortable to tote around but just thought this was the price we all paid to have everything we could ever "need" at an arm's length. I lived the majority of my life without having it ever even occur to me that i needed a bag at all and now i've got the biggest one around. go figure.

seriously readers (if there are in fact any of you...) what's in your bag?

post by arre


  1. i just grabbed my purse so this is for real.

    a check that needs to be deposited
    children's socks
    a peg for picture frame
    a button
    an envelope with molly's first haircut HAIR..yes, thats actual hair - had forgotten about that one(obviously)
    sanitizing gel
    one dollar bill
    lots and lots and lots of loose receipts
    small container of play-doh

    it all actually makes for a pretty light purse.. i mean, hair doesn't weigh anything.

  2. among others, a lighter... i don't smoke...why i feel the need to have one in there i don't really know but i just can't take it out..a.tide-to-go pen... love that thing! oil blotting sheets - a must have on those sultry southern days and nights and ResQme, which is this keychain device but mostly diapers and boody rash cream and boody wipes...now that i have A.B. i don't carry a handbag...i carry a diaper bag w/ a small make-up pouch that holds my grown-up necessities.


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