September 1, 2009

days like these

days like this

i really had to think hard about whether to post about this day or not. it's days like these that you don't tell your friends (or sister-in-laws) that are still debating the whole kid thing. but arre's been with me and my kids plenty enough to know these days exists. i'll give it to you in a list, then pour myself a glass of wine to celebrate this day being over. but not until every last one of them is tucked in and sound asleep.

this is it in a nutshell

one kid up...mills, this should be a nice pleasant day. make some coffee, second kid up - molly ... all's well. make her some bacon. 3rd kid up - something wrong and heeeere we go...

-uncontrollable..bug maybe?
-notice a different kind of bug - ants..they're back, but now in my bedroom (!!!!)
-yep uncontrollable - poop on rug
-try to salvage rug
-ants...try to tackle humanely..meanwhile
-molly says she pooed. Me:WHERE? molly: there - points to behind sofa?? yep, she ain't lyin'
-rolled up every decent rug in the house to avoid another disaster
-screaming on potty (another mess-mj)
-clogged toilet (rack brain for why...oh yeah. molly throws things in toilet and clogs regularly.)
-run sick kid to another toilet (this is mj by the way)
-mini breakdown (tried unsuccessfully to get mj to put on pullups) outside 5 minutes with child screaming at door
-more me this time..ants won't go away
-realize rug can't be saved...out the back door
-look at clock. it is... 10 a.m.
-stopped to thank mills for not contributing to the insanity
-took a deep breath and sprayed the shit out of the ants.

and that was just the beginning...

post by kristen (obviously)


  1. Oh no! Hope everyone is feeling better! Andrew had the poops a few weeks ago...must be something going around :(

  2. well, that stinks... literally. ; ) sorry about all the sick youngun's. i've heard there's tons of sicknesses going around now. was it the cute new dash and albert rug? bummer if it was... sounds like there was alot of shit being sprayed at your house yesterday and the ants got the least of it. sorry, i just couldn't resist! he he!

  3. yes christy.. but it was only 24 hour bug..THANK GOODNESS!

    and no shanna - thank goodness for that also ..D&A rug was first one i immediately rolled up after was an old rug in my bedroom, but not one i was ready to get rid of! oh well

  4. Wow, looking forward to days like these! Glad you made it through...drink that wine!

  5. oh, man. what a chain of events! I hope today was better.

  6. so, even though i knew this story before reading it, i am still laughing out (really) loud!


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