September 25, 2009

get it together

Long have i been feeling like the suave commercial mom (the BEFORE suave commercial mom) when she has children running around her screaming, while she holds a baby, her hair is a mess, and she looks like she'll never see the glimpse of a shower again. ever. As mills gets older, i hardly have much of an excuse anymore. I should have it together by now - so a couple of weeks ago, i decided i'm going to make a change. I'm going to get dressed (meaning actually LOOK in the mirror after i pick out something other than jeans off the floor and the t-shirt i slept in), attempt a shower a day (attempt), and actually blow dry my hair and maybe wear makeup every once and a while. So i started my attempt and while i was feeling much better when out in public..i was quickly drained from it. I'm still going to try a little harder as I had no idea how "bad" it had gotten until i was bombarded with these questions (every time i attempted the above mentioned tasks)

mj: where are we going?
molly: i want to go
molly: what's that? (when i pull out my makeup)
mj: are you going to a party?
molly: is kay kay keeping us (she thinks i'm getting a sitter for nonexistent party)
mj: you know if you and daddy are going to a party, you should probably take a shower at the same time and that will make things go faster (oh, innocent child)
molly: (crying) i wannttt to goooo

This is over the course of a few days and really... i wasn't ever going anywhere important. I was just trying. Trying to look like those moms that DO have it together. But i finally realized, i don't care about those things. Maybe one day i will, but for now... i'm happy to be (and look like) the BEFORE suave mom. It is my life, and if I can spend a few extra minutes talking to my kids rather than blow drying my hair, i feel better anyway.

So here's to a weekend filled with friends, love, laughter, family and all those fun things that really matter!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MATT! (my brother-in-law & arre's husband) i promise i'll take a shower before your party.

post by kristen


  1. kristen,
    i was just about to take a shower to come over to your house to eat pizza. not to try to look cute (forget about make-up right now!), but just b/c i haven't taken one today. but,frankly i really just don't feel like putting forth the energy and curt's out of town so i'm not gonna. thanks for inspiring me - i'll just sprinkle some baby powder in my hair and we'll be over soon w/ some delicious mellow mushroom pizza. i'm so glad i checked this blog...i was just about to expend way too much precious energy (i don't have some terrible illness, i'm just 12 weeks pregnant for anyone who reads this) getting clean, but a little dirt never hurt nobody.

  2. i am laughing to hard to make a comment that makes sense....but that was great!!! I am also the mom that so does not have it together and i have learned to accept it and be happy with it! by the are a great mom!!!

    congrats shanna!!!
    marty walden

  3. Kristen! First of all, that MJ comment about the sensibility of you & Jim showering together deserves more attention, so I'm giving it! That is a forever funny story! And - this, actually should have been first because it is extraordinarily more important - you don't need to focus any energy on beauty at all because you exude it effortlessly. your attitude is refreshing though and always reminds me to (try to) focus less on and put into perspective alllllll of my vain ways. for that i, and probably anyone who knows me, thank(s) you! xx -a


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