September 30, 2009

pink tulle, birthday party, & fishing

(i know, my titles are getting worse and worse)
A quick weekend update...

Jim was out of town, and the girls were a little sad about it, so I told them we'd have an all girls princess weekend so we pulled out the pink tulle!!

and had a princess meal for breakfast, lunch & dinner and this quickly put smiles on everyone's faces.

matt's birthday was on saturday, so i headed over to arre's (and matt's) house for some football and cupcakes

Card above, was made by Arre - one bonus to being Arre's friend (or sister-in-law) is that she makes the sweetest, most creative cards. If they aren't homemade (due to time constraints I imagine) she never holds back on the sweet words in them. I didn't read matt's because it wasn't my birthday ...but i imagine it said something really heart felt :)

Arre's friend Mary Elizebeth made these and they were the best homemade cupcakes i think i've ever had!

Arre served ice cream in a big ole' bowl.

and the boys devoured it like they were at a 5 year olds birthday party

while all the girls stood around in the kitchen looking at this precious baby (Lucy)

the next day we practiced fishing off the porch. Jim bought the girls these fishing rods and the attire MJ chose to practice fishing in should say a lot as to how an actual fishing trip would go with these two.

post by kristen


  1. aaaaaaaaaaaaaahHHH! that last pic makes me laugh so hard! it is the perfect moment captured to make your point.

    thank you for documenting Matt's (pitiful) birthday party. i think the boys, which is what they should be called in this context - as opposed to 'men' - had fun! i hope so at least! Robbie said he thought the #s on the invite must have been transposed since the events sounded more befitting of a 13 year old's birthday party! haaa!

    and you are so kind about my cards! which reminds me, i'm guessing you didn't get a FIFTH anniversary (right, as in last year) card from me because i found it at my house the other day - oops!


  2. it was not pitiful! and my camera (or me) took awful pictures so i didn't even do it justice! yes, matt's birthday was like a kid's - but so is he (like a kid). :)how hilarious about the 5th anniversary card!


  3. and i can't quit laughing at how hilarious it is that i am having a conversation with you on our blog.



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