September 15, 2009

stripe my floors!

While this project doesn’t involve pictures frames (just yet at least) we have been so excited about it. My parents have a bonus room that was in desperate need of redoing – I saw these floors in House Beautiful a couple of months ago and had been dying to use them somewhere!

I can not justify redoing any floors in my house, so when my mom mentioned the room she wanted to redo I thought they would be perfect! So I brought arre in – because really, I just like the floors..that’s about as far as my interest in interior decorating goes.

Here’s a picture of the room before (well mostly before, I didn’t get to the room in time to snap a real before pic, but you get the idea) there was also a hunter green and burgundy plaid sofa and 15 year old dirty carpet.

After picking out all the fabrics (well arre picking them out and me and my mom saying – whatever you say!!)

we decided to go with a bit of a different color (instead of the chocolate brown stripe seen in the HB picture)

Luckily – husbands are in the wood business and jim will be sanding and maybe using a little umber to get the “worn” look.
backtracking a you can see the wall color - gray lake/benjamin moore

More pictures to come once more work is complete! And Arre will be posting about the next round so I don’t just say things like “the sofa is tan and there are stripes on the chair”.

post by kristen


  1. i am so excited about this! in case i haven't already told you one million times. and i looooove this little hummingbird pic of Mills!


  2. I love, love, love it!!!!! i can't wait to see it! LL


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