September 4, 2009

How cute is....

Laura Leigh!?

What better place for our frames to call home than Laura Leigh's island home. Not only has she been a great supporter of Stewart & James (as the bestest of friends would be ;)), but she just so happens to live on a really cool island. I wish I could go visit these frames (and her and her husband and her two adorable children) all the time. But I will just have to settle for pictures (as you will) for the time being....

love this frame... and the cute kid in it

i told you she was a great supporter! thanks LL!

post by kristen


  1. that green lattice frame over Laura Leigh's stove (or one like it) is available for sale on etsy (


  2. I'm loving the green! (and the frames, of course!)

  3. thank you blushing hostess! & me to jmb (about the green) :)



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