September 29, 2009

picture frames

(sorry for the lack of a creative title) We have been so busy working on and (soon!) finishing up some custom orders. here's a glimpse

They are for 4 different customers. But i really want to steal them and cover my walls in them. I will refrain.

We are getting ready for our annual Albany show (more details to come) we are about to begin a production - if you have any orders to get in - now is the time!

Also - if you weren't on last year's list for invites (or have moved!) and want to have more info - please send us your mailing info to... stewartandjames{at}gmail{dot}com.

post by kristen


  1. oooh! they look great! i am so excited to see them (because yes, i am a slacker. Kristen does all the work)

  2. whatev arre! they do look good though, excited about them!

    and thanks katy!!! can't wait to get started on YOURS!



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