September 16, 2009

from scrap to treasure

When arre and I aren’t at starbucks or drinking paint in my basement…. We are making our way through this:

Sometimes we find interesting & unique wood without any trouble, but lately…we’ve been doing lots of digging. A lot of the old wood has layers and layers of paint (that's the kind we love!) Sometimes we will pick an old board that appears to have old white paint, but once it is planed we are pleasantly surprised with an adorable blue or deep green coming through. Only if this wood could talk, the stories it would tell! only if.

occasionally we find some fun items
but mostly, it's piles and piles of wood

lots of wood

that is hand picked with a particular frame/customer in mind. And while it's fun - we never know what to expect (and always pray for no snakes or other creatures to surprise us). ok maybe fun isn't the word - it's challenging, interesting, and never dull (1 tetanus shot, lots of scrapes and balancing acts). but what is fun is to be able to recycle this wood for YOU to display your priceless captured memories. Afterall, what is life without the memories?

post by kristen


  1. that's more wood than I was picturing in my mind. is this all the scrap wood from Jim and Matt leftover from cabinets/floors?


  2. that's more than i was thinking too. it's a dirty job, but (i'm glad) somebody's gotta do it - y'all! cause now the world has really cool, 1 of a kind, handcrafted frames!! : )


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