September 30, 2009

Steve Penley at AMA

On Thursday night of last week the Albany Museum of Art was all a flutter with the opening of their newest exhibit: Penley, The Reconstruction of America.

As if the exhibit is not exciting enough, the opening brought Steve Penley himself to town. The lovely affair, hosted by a few of Albany's finest and most fabulous (and I'm bursting with pride to say, a few friends of my very own), boasted a rocking bar sponsored by, none other than, Thirteenth Colony Distillery. The placement of the bar was key here and is worth mentioning. It was set up as a square consisting of four long tables placed smack in the middle of the gallery. This locale didn't only look pretty cool but it also kept everyone around. You never had to miss a thing. Socializing, refilling your cocktail and (of course, most importatnly) taking in the amazing sight that is the exhibit could all continuously happen simultaneously. A couple of musicians played in one corner and Mr. Penley signed copies of his (fantastic) new book in another. All in all, it was a lovely evening.

If you live in the area, the AMA's exhibit, Penley, The Reconstruction of America, is really something to see and truly a treat for Albany. The wild way Penley applies paint to canvas without losing one bit of the integrity of who or what likeness he is portraying is absolutely remarkable.

Sadly, I didn't take my camera in. But don't fear; Greta did!

and so did my girl, Tab ;)

and i really wish i had this in my house

photos courtesy of smitten photograhy and t. hale

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  1. hahahaha - wanna know the one question i get asked most.... GRETA, DID YOU BRING YOUR CAMERA?!?!?!?! :D it was great seeing you there, and you described the event way more eloquently than i could!

  2. that's looks like fun! i would've liked to have gone but it would've been difficult to get curt there even if he wasn't off in the wild wild west stalking antelope and elk and mule deer. i'm going to go see the exhibit soon though. me and ab will check it out and then we can go play in the creative kids room.

  3. thanks G! but you know what they say: a picture's worth a thousand words - so you still win.

    Shanna, it really was fantastic. I almost talked Matt into it but ended up there with girls, which in the end was just as well! and you & AB need not miss the exhibit. it'll be there for most of this month.



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