September 21, 2009

must.have (boots)

Yesterday, while cleaning up and out a bit, I realized that for someone who lives in a region that is seldom even cool, I have entirely too many coats and sweaters. But I don't care. Nor can I help it. I long for temperatures just low enough to justify building fires, wearing scarves and indulging in rich and warm foods (yesterday's temperature briefly reached 70 degrees. We had chili and (marvelous!) grilled cheese sandwiches for dinner!). So you can imagine my dismay when I found myself compulsorily filling my online shopping cart with Urban Outfitters boots this a.m. (I blame Courtney). With ridiculously sensible pricing and lovely shades of the season, how can I resist?!

now the only question looming: are these definitely the colors I want?!

post by arre


  1. Don't feel bad. I bought chili for this week thinking it is going to cool off one night just enough to justify eating it. AND I bought 2 pairs of boots :) Now let's build a fire!!


  2. I have a pair of gray Seychelles and I wear them all the time! My only regret? They are much lighter than the ones that you are marinating on above. I would love a darker pair!

    On a side note, brown and black shoes are so... um, predictable? Anyone can throw a pair of either one of those colors on and get an outfit right -but go with another color such as red or gray and take it to the next level. :)

  3. Karyn! i love it! where did you go shopping?!

    JMB - i agree, that's why i love these!



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