March 30, 2010

dreaming cow

you may be familiar with sweet grass dairy (you may not. they make cheese. really good cheese. and they're in Thomasville, which is near Albany, which is where we are.)

well, now their family has made yet another incredible contribution to the dairy world. This time in the form of (ridiculously delicious) yogurt: Dreaming Cow.

Learn more about their (all-natural) products, their (adorable) cows and their (grass-based) farms here.


  1. So happy to know this! We visited them back in March and bought WAY too much cheese, but it was wonderful.

  2. i love their cheese..can't wait to try the yogurt!

  3. That is so fun Lindsay - I want to go!

    Kristen, Tommy Mc sales it

  4. that last comment was me. i was toying with my profile settings - back to normal now (i think).


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