March 4, 2010

when life gives you lemons…

make cupcakes.
Yesterday was our blogaversary :)  We have been blogging for 1 full year now.  So to celebrate, we made cupcakes.   Really really yummy lemon cupcakes.
lemon isn’t exactly the flavor my kids had in mind for cupcakes so no one wanted to lick the bowl….except my go-to girl on food. 
 may not be the healthiest snack for a baby but who wants to lick a bowl alone?
The final product was d.e.l.i.c.i.o.u.s!  So cheers to you blog world, but mostly to all of our readers (who we appreciate more than you can know)!  We’ve had a great first year and are thrilled to see what the next one will hold!
post by kristen


  1. now, omg + :( i just ate my SECOND one. i've got a dangerous situation on my hands. but don't worry, i've invited Rose over!

    happy blogoversary! i can't believe this thing is only one... in a good way!

    and just so ya know, i'm pretty sure after lunch today, i am more in love with Mills than ever. (i just burst out laughing remembering that show).


  2. ummmmmmm...... next time ya'll do something like this, i wanna take pics. i'm so serious. your place is perfect for an environmental portrait session!!!!!! i need a sample! :D so cute! and happy blogiversary kristin and arre!!!!!!!


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