March 15, 2010

time spent

The past few weeks have gone by so quickly and it’s hard to find the time to put it down on paper the computer!  I have been visiting friends & sisters, laughing at kids, needing breaks, working on frames, sending kids to their rooms, reading books (to children), strolling a baby, doing laundry, dishes, cleaning (jim would argue me on this one), cooking, eating, making birds and paper flowers watching mills learn to walk, molly become more independent, & mj act like she is 4 mostly, but sometimes 60.  So just life – but i would like to give you a glimpse of this…..
all photos 710
all photos 712
and to tell you that i am going to capture something hilarious on video.. i have to. i  will and i will share it with you.  I will give you a hint – it involves a child and a Spanish matador.  Any ideas?   :)
post by kristen


  1. i know, but of course i won't share...people will love to see that on video!!!! LL

  2. omg! you've GOT to capture it. the rest of the world deserves that big of a laugh. xx

  3. Wow! Those frames are great and your family sounds hysterical! I suppose the humor comes after the mess, but it reminds me of the fun growing up in a house with three brothers. Anyways, hope you have an awesome day!


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