March 26, 2010

when pigs fly

for those of you know this kid, the picture speaks for itself016
for those of you who don’t… she has on blue jeans.  Granted, it’s under a skirt, but still…she has on blue jeans.  This has happened once in the past 3 1/2 years.  At 12 months she quit wearing pants and i know you’re thinking – come on, you can get a 12 month old to wear pants… nope, not this one.  Somewhere between 12 & 18 months in her young life, I came to the strong realization that this child will. not. wear. pants.  period.   This delicate little girl would turn into a monster at the sight of them, her face would get red, she’d ball up her fist and throw an enormous tantrum on the floor.  I threw in the towel and tried to let the information soak in that i gave birth to a priss.  ME… and do you know why she chose today?!  While she may be strong willed & a bit lot stubborn….she is also a rule follower.  Now that, she did get from me.  And the rule she had to follow today (thank you miss pat) is that her teacher told them they had to wear jeans to their Easter egg hunt.  


  1. I love it! Following the rules AND sticking to her girly style! So cute!

  2. oooooooommmmmmmmmmmgggggggggggg
    i cannot believe this! of COURSE she followed directions. but of COURSE she still has on a skirt (that is made of tulle and is pink no less!!) love. her.


  3. wait. why and how did you even have jeans that fit her?

  4. i am dying laughing!!!!! she's so unbelievable...i love that girl! maybe she'll set a new trend a school!!!!! love, LL

  5. great question arre - about 2 years ago i found these really cute jeans marked down to something $2.50 and thought...surely by then! glad i had them on hand!


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