March 25, 2010

oh to be organized

I wrote this over a week ... I don't even know how long ago. If I was organized I would have published it before now.

Not unlike pretty much every morning of my life, this morning I dashed for the door 15 minutes after work started, barefoot (because I was pretty sure some shoes were in the car), with wet hair (always), carrying some make-up (in case my boss was there (which would bring about the need to not look like a hot mess) and a cup of tea (not the kind of cup made for carrying in the car. because that one's dirty) only to realize my keys weren't on the cart where i always (sometimes remember to) put them. And the alarm, which I barely have to time to beat out the door in the first place (because it happens to be on the opposite side of the house as the door we use. i know), was already set.

So, I scrambled to unset the alarm: Code entered. Key search ensues. Alarm sounds anyway. Dart back over to enter code again (wait around for 'disarmed' message to flash across screen this time). At this point I trip over the recycling, which I had (of course) forgotten in he midst of my first attempt at leaving. Now it's scattered all over the floor. Awesome. Resume search for keys. Ends at fridge (of course. why don't I always start there? really).

Start over on leaving. Get back to the door. This time I drop my keys. Picking them up resembles something like a circus act (because of the precarious nature of my arrangement of oh so many things (remember: tea, makeup bag. oh and this is in addition to normal things like phone and sunglasses, which are both too big to fit in the small purse I started carrying to minimize the ridiculous amount of stuff i carry around in the first place). Once I survive thet trick (of picking up my keys) and successfully get out the door, I get down the steps (these days even that has been a task) and into the car only then to spill my tea (which isn't even hot anymore). sheeeeeeeeeesh.

In the midst of this, I think to myself, as I've done many times before, '(enter whatever very normal activitiy here) cannot be this hard for everyone.'

Turns out, I'm right. Once I (finally) got to work and turned on the computer, this article flashed before my eyes. I get it, Universe. Thanks.

Evidently, highly organized people do (or don't do) a host of things that simplify every element of their life - including leaving their house each morning.

Oh yeh, then there's Emerson:

um yah - that's her pantry.

post by arre
image via d*s


  1. You are not alone. This same scenario happens to me just about every morning

  2. Glad to know I am not alone in the Universe with this lovely act. Add a 14 month old, a diaper bag, and an ever growing belly and the scene gets better.
    Despite all this, my pantry looks like this! In my dreams. Ha.

  3. Oh Arre- Is this why I love you so much? Could it be that you have just also described me (minus the job and plus the two kids I now have)? I think so! When you figure out how to get organized let me now!! Kristen's beautiful (perfect looking) pictures of her kids let me know it can be done!! :) (As I sit blogging!!!)

  4. Haha! Arre, I love it! If this wasn't how your mornings (or any other time you go to leave the house)went, you wouldn't be you :)And you are fab! I can picture this scene as vividly as if I was watching a movie. . .love you!

  5. love this - and it sums you up.. i'm going to start linking back to this post when i refer to you in a post :)

  6. ok so i read this again and can't believe i just calmly typed "love this"... because i LOVE THIS!!!!!!!!! it really is HILARIOUS! :))))))))


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