March 29, 2010

baby jennings

Okay, I know what you’re thinking.  “SO i thought this blog was about reclaimed wood frames.  that you are selling.” 
Well you thought right…but stewart & james is just one part of our lives and when our lives get busy, our frames are just one part of that busy-ness (word? i think not).   You know what takes up the rest of my time: these three kiddos.  Arre has a busy life, many times pulled in a thousand different directions (I’ll let her explain one day).  And to our lists of jobs (if you can call it that) is baby shower hosts :)  and my or Arre’s or both of our usual assignment: decorating. And so the baby boom continues with the latest shower for Allison’s baby girl (Jennings-adorable right?!).  Our friend Shanna was there, camera in hand, and graciously shared her photos with us…enjoy!

And do you remember Ernie’s shower?  Well here’s the baby himself!  Just having a little taste of toes as he enjoys Allison’s shower 
lovely hostesses (and adorable mama of honor in the middle in green) Allison we can't wait to meet sweet Jennings!
photos by s.scott


  1. What a sweet shower! It's so nice for blogs to share things other than the products they are selling...that's what keeps me following :)

  2. gah shanna's pics are good. and could ernie BE any cuter? and Kristen, please - you know i was just your assistant/consultant. attention blogland: Kristen made these decorations. This whole thing was her brainchild. okay, there - the record is now straight. whew.

  3. i love this house! the chandelier is fabulous!! love the decorations!!


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