March 12, 2010

In a Rut

Even though this is how I like to live, this is more like what my real life looks like:

I don't know if the concept is universal but at Chick-fil-A in Albany, the employees say 'see ya tomorrow' as you drive away. The other day i had to move my empty chick-fil-a cup so I could put a new one in its place. I was doing this as they bid me farewell in their usual way and all I could say was 'I know, right?!'

post by arre
please excuse the early, incomplete version of this post that was published before. i'm having to refamiliarize myself with emailing posts from my phone...


  1. So funny Arre! Kristen is in the car on her way to visit me today and she went to chic-fil-a on her way out of town this morning. At first, I thought this was her post!!...while she was driving 3 kids on the highway! So glad that it is not (although I am sure she could do it) :).

  2. ha! i thought it was kristen at first too b.c that girl loves some chick-fil-a breakfast - or at least her girls too. It's actually my fav. bkfst in town too.
    p.s. i actually have some things on the wall even though many MANY boxes are still unpacked and my "keeping room" is filled w/ S&J frames on the walls and they look great!


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