November 13, 2009

stewart & james holiday show

wow! to say our show was a success would simply be an understatement. never have we been so overwhelmed by the support our community has for stewart & james. thank you Albany for loving us so.

of course, the success was far from the only thing that made this particular show wonderful...

a few other elements that made the weekend lovely in every way:

our inventory! we seriously had some of my favorite things we've ever made (see the top two in the photo above? still really having non-buyer's remorse - happens to me all the time).

the good company we keep: Lisa Lanier's holiday art above; Bellum Designs handcrafted jewelry by Abby Barber below

our precious mascot!

rockin' photographs to make our frames look even better - courtesey of the smitten girls

the drying branches from my oak hydrangea, which were called a "cute little tree" ha!

having a reason to bust out Christmas decor

the fact (because it is a fact, right) that the smitten photograph in the photograph above looks like a country music album cover.

the many (and mini) party-goers that filled our space and time

the sign (at the top of the picture above)! it is one of the earliest efforts made by stewart & james. it is pitiful in every way but it makes me smile.

the lovin' the pink frames finally got! (not only did they sell out, we have quite a few orders for them!)

the pieces of local history that the frames pictured above are.

breakfast treats for our early birds (which i was not counted among)

the celebration Kristen and i had at the end of Friday's show! (seriously, every time my phone rang I told the caller I would have to call them back because we were celebrating. full disclosure, this only happened once. and the caller was Matt)

and evidently, we weren't the only ones having our own little party:

as always, having the opportuniy to see our hard work as finished as can be and interacting with our customers tops the list of reasons why we loved this show and all shows. Thanks again Albany, can't wait until next year!


post by arre
photography by kristen (and mary james and molly, evidently)


  1. i'm so glad the show was a success and i hate that i didn't make it out! i think i might have to order one of your pink frames for my new niece!! i love reading your blogs, and thanks for using our pics!! :)

  2. so fun to relive through photos! i want to be back at our celebration table :)
    love that mj & molly were included underneath the funny. i miss the frames too..we really had some cute ones this time!


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