November 13, 2009

how cute is.....

Mary Ford?!

And when i say cute... i mean c.u.t.e....check out that hair! And her nursery....

Her mom had this fun idea to frame prints from a calendar (her sister gave her)

precious... and check out the stray dog lamp
beth (Mary Ford's mama) purchased the frames for the prints before Mary Ford was born and they waited to find out the sex.... and purchased 2 more in pink after her arrival.
and to end this post, i couldn't resist a picture that Beth sent (early days of Mary Ford)... isn't it absolutely precious. I am resisting putting it as my backdrop on my computer so i don't start having crazy ideas about having another baby.
Thank you Beth & Mary Ford, for sharing :) we love our tiny customers (and their mamas)!

post by kristen


  1. not to encourage further comments like the one you, k, posted before but... she. is. precious! and her mother did a perfect job with her nursery! i love mary ford!!


  2. so cute! i love that beth (and mary ford!) is featured on y'all's blog! maybe i'll get to meet mary ford soon!


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