November 25, 2009

a whole lot of thankfulness

is what i got ;)
Stephanie Nielson from the NieNie Dialogues was on the Today Show yesterday morning telling her story of a horrific plane crash she and her husband survived a little over a year ago.    They are an amazing inspiration and reminder that we are not always promised tomorrow.  They have 4 young children and on Stephanie’s blog she tells her story of her long road to recovery, her day to day life with her kids, and how grateful she is for life.  As she said on the Today Show … the blog is her therapy.  What is therapy for her is a wonderful reminder to her thousands of blog readers to be THANKFUL for what we have.  Here’s a little of what my family is thankful for…
MJ: “I am thankful for my sisters, and my mom, and my dad and God”
Molly: “I thankful for my mom” (i promise, no bribing)
As for me, I am thankful for these three…
and that they are healthy, happy children.  I am also thankful for my husband, a wonderful family, good friends, and all of our health and happiness.
Happy Thanksgiving!  I hope you have a holiday filled with love, thankfulness, laughter, family & friends.
post by kristen


  1. iiiii am so thankful for your family. i love you so much and and still can't believe i get to have you for a sister-in-law or those precious girls for nieces. i am too, too lucky. xx -a

  2. oh yeh - or Jim for a brother-in-law ;)

  3. so sweet arre! we love and are all thankful for YOU and matt and hope that y'all are having a fabulous NY weekend!! so jealous and can't wait to hear about it (as if you are reading this while in NYC) :)


  4. wow! you make me want to get started on number two and perhaps squeeze in a number 3 before i am all grey.
    gorgeous family!


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