November 3, 2009

sensory overload

these images are making me soooooo happy! i don't know if it's because the girls who took them are so stinkin' awesome (ummm, how long have we loved them? ONLY since the beginning of time. or at least time as far as stewart & james the blog is concerned) ... or if it's because the house (is it a house girls?) where they were taken is so freakin' cool... or if it's because i still can't believe we have such a rockin' boutique in this town... or if it's because Mandy is so smokin'... or if it's because i love this dress so much i can hardly breath (reminds me of Cassandra)... or if it's because there's a goldfish on the table.

post (obviously) by arre (not because Kristen couldn't rock this dress. just because she wouldn't)

1 comment:

  1. update: it IS a house! decorated by a friend of mine - Christie Cannon at Studio in Albany GA -yesssss!


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