November 24, 2009

since the show

we haven't only been coordinating gift-aways, we've also been unexpectedly busy (and happy to be so) readying frames for orders we took at the show!

we are still so pumped over the wild success this year's holiday market was and will never be able to express enough gratitude to everyone who supports us (whether they were actually at this most recent show or not ;0) )

as a result of such success, we have started an unplanned production that we are racing to complete before the holidays. not only did we take quite a few (unplanned!) orders at the show - but we've also had such unanticipated attention since the show that we deemed new inventory necessary between now and the fast approaching gift-giving season! so, to those of you who have inquired, there is hope! we have the (little bit of) remaining inventory on etsy and will put what comes from this current production on there as soon as it is complete.

this cutie is on etsy now

we've spent that last couple of weeks coordinating orders, gathering wood and meeting to make sure everything is in place.

On Thursday of last week, the production (finally!) began.

we cannot wait to share what's coming next with all. of. you!


post (and photography) by arre


  1. Please let me host a show for you in Atlanta sometime next year. XOXO, Gillian

  2. I love the Chocolate Butterbean website. What a neat idea!

  3. i STILL haven't ordered my camera, but I can borrow one just like mine if you need me to take photos for etsy. so glad the show was a huge success!
    love, your biggest show (and blog) fan ~ shanna


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