November 17, 2009

stewart & james holiday gift-away :: week ONE

***update: this gift-away is now closed. check back this afternoon when we announce the winner!***

to start things off, we are gifting an 8x10 reclaimed beaded board s t e w a r t & j a m e s picture frame!

don't be alarmed, we do have other sponsors :)

to qualify, please visit our web site and leave a comment HERE (just in case there is any confusion) telling us one or all of the following:

-what will you frame if you are selected?!

-what would you like to see stewart & james create in the future?

-how could our web site be better ;) ?

remember, you have to leave a comment to win. since we are off to a late start we are extending this week's deadline for comments to be submitted to 11:00 a.m. on Friday, November 20. the winner will be randomly selected so your comment doesn't have to be the best - it just has to be!

thank you for participating! good luck!


post (& photography, obviously) by arre


  1. Oh yay! Maybe I will have my very own S & J!
    I ♥ ALL of the reclaimed wood frames, okay so I like all your frames.

    I would frame my favorite picture of our new family when Mr.C was only a week old.

    I think your website is great as is :)

  2. i am posting for karyn...she sent this on our website (instead of here) ..
    My submission is WHAT I would frame. Here goes...Robert and Jon went to the GA football game last Saturday. They didn't just GO, they got to watch the whole game on the field (sidelines). Yes, this sounds miserable to me too. Standing up the whole time, no place to potty, no beverages?! But I think Robert had the best time of his life...he even got to take pictures with a few of his favorite players!! The bad news is somehow the pics got erased from my camera. We have spent all week trying to figure out how to "recover" the pics, even buying a picyure recovery program, with no success. Robert is so sad, and I know he is heartbroken he lost these "irreplaceable" pics. I found a picture from the game of him and Jon on the field on facebook (one of Jon's coworkers took it) so I plan on framing that for him for X-mas. It's not the pics that were lost, but I want him to never forget this special game, and the memories they made while they were on the field!

    oh and karyn's blog:

  3. What a great idea!! Since I'm in a writing mood, I'll answer all questions!! :)

    1. I would post a pic of my mom and I in the frame. In less than 6 months, I will move more than 1000 miles away from my family and I've been on the lookout for a special frame to take with me to New York.
    2. Honestly, I'm loving what ya'll are doing- looking at the pics from your recent show, I'm AMAZED at the creativity and obvious love you put into every single frame.... don't change a thing!
    3. Again, if it ain't broke don't fix it. Your website is a perfect comination of work, family, creativity and practicality. I don't miss a day checking it out!
    Great job, S&J!

  4. Love this frame!

    I would frame my sweet babies - William and Jane.

    As for what you could create in the future - I would love to see artwork custom framed by Stewart & James!

    And, on your website - I love hearing all the stories on where the wood came from (like an old plantation house) and how you collected it. It's so cool!


  5. Hey Kristen! I love this! If I win I will frame a picture of Connor once he gets here....only 9 more weeks!!! The website is great...don't change a thing. XOXO, Gillian

  6. I would love a frame! I would take a picture of my best firends at our Thanksgiving girls dinner next Tuesday and frame it. I would be able to put it in my house in Albany soon!!!


  7. I don't think you could make your web site better...I love it! And I honestly don't even know what y'all could create for the future, of course I don't have a creative bone in my body. You have done so much with your frames and continue to have new designs all the time. I am really proud of both of you!!!

    I would frame a picture that we'll be getting done at Christmas. It's going to be of my family with all of my siblings and their families. Hopefully it will turn out good, we are getting a professional to take it so I'm keeping my fingers crossed!

    Laura Leigh

  8. I would frame a picture of my group of friends at my best friends' wedding. It is rare that all 6 of us are in the same place at the same time so the picture is really a treat!

  9. what beautiful frames!

  10. Love this exciting! I think that y'all need to start making those book shelves that you made for Molly's big girl room...I was looking for something like that for MF's nursery and would love to have one in the future!


  11. I love what yall are doing!! I can't wait to come home and Christmas shop with you!!! xoxo

  12. Rachel Hensley-WilliamsNovember 18, 2009 at 11:18 AM

    I want to win!! Since we already have a great picture of Zeke in an S & J frame I think I would wait and put a picture of the new baby boy in this one so they can be side-by-side.

    I really love the website and all you do. If I were more creative I might be able to come up with new ideas I'd like to see......but I'm just not. :) Keep up the awesome good work.


  13. I also love your website. Brent and Kat gave Mama a picture frame with a wedding picture last year. She has really enjoyed the frame. Everyone comments on how unique it is and want to know where she bought it. So we are steering some business your way. I would without a doubt, frame a Christmas picture of my beautiful twin boys. They have not been made yet, but of course I know they will be as cute as last year and the year before. Merry Christmas to everyone and God Bless. Brandi Howell

  14. fell in love with blue diagonal frame @ open house. if it had 8x10-11x16 opening for a wedding photo, it would be mine! it's artsy, makes a statement and would be perfect for displaying favorite photo from son's wedding. my daughter in law would love it too. no suggestions to update website or blog. i'm impressed as usual!

  15. Yay! I just love all your frames so much. I would frame a picture of my family (husband + dogs) at my family’s farm in Americus. We miss the south so much while we live in the “big city” of Atlanta, and I love having reminders of my loving family and the good times we have when we get away and come south =) I would love to see some different size options of frames, but other than that everyone you create is perfect. The pictures you put on your blog are very helpful in seeing what you can create, especially the collages. I would add more of these types of pictures to your website so your customers can see all the wonderful things you can do!


  16. For my Frame:
    I would frame a A PICTURE OF ARRELEAH's FACE!!!! And put it right beside my computer so every time I get pissed that I have to look at that stupid blank head instead of her GORGEOUS grin on facebook, I can just look to the right and be at peace!!!!!!!!!

    For the Future:
    A "trunk show" in ATHENS!!! Or maybe even a cute little store in 5pts! yeeeay!

    For the Website:
    To be continued... b/c I love every part that I've been able to peruse thus far, but not even close to checking out every delicous nook and cranny.

  17. I would be thrilled to win a picture frame. I would put one of my wedding pictures in the frame.

  18. love it! love y'all! love your frames and your blog! chances are a pic of the kids would end up in the frame and it would join my stewart and james frame collage that has just been hung on the wall.

  19. I want to win!
    I really love the things you guys are making! I would like to suggest that you do more framed mirrors and/or reclaimed windows made into mirros. (but you may not have access to any old windows, hmmm).
    The website is really nice! I like the clean lines and good photos. Maybe a way to order on the website without using Etsy? But perhaps contacting you is the best way to order anyway...
    PICK ME!

  20. I would love to win the frame, so I could blatently show off my neice and her sis-in-law's beautiful creations! I would most likely frame my pretty teenage daughters in it, and gaze into their pool blue eyes every day. I am just so impressed that my neice has time to have her successful business while at the same time being a fabulous mom, wife and friend... pretty amazing! I'm going to do my best to attend the next trunk/holiday show, so I can actually see the frames all at once. The website is wonderful, but seeing them in real life is the key to experiencing their beauty. Love you, Kristin!

  21. I would frame a picture of my 10 month old baby since she's all I take pictures of these days :) Or maybe a picture of her and her cousins(which would your cousins too, Kristen!!) Shouldn't this qualify me more ?! ;)

    I would like to see mirrors with your wood work in the future.

    I think the web site looks great so wouldn't change a thing!

    Laura Sparks

  22. If I won the frame I would use it to frame, one guess, DREW! Maybe one from his upcoming play date with all of his friends! And as for what you can create in the future...that's why I come to y'all! I don't create!!! Wish I could but definitely was passed over when those abilities were handed out!

  23. The website is great!! I love the frames. I would frame a picture of Tanner, Sarah and Breanna. I don't get to see them as much anymore since they are growing up!
    I also liked the idea of mirrors with your frames. That would look awesome! Take care and hope to see you at Christmas.

  24. I would have to put a picture of me, the mama, in the frame. Why Not? I have too many pictures of my kids anyway ;)
    I don't have enough brain cells to come up with anymore projects for ya'll! I am doing good to get this typed without a kid in my arms!


  25. I would frame a picture of my kids in their "house divided" outfits from the GA/AU game! They were too cute!!!

  26. Hello girls! What a fun giveaway. I would love to win this frame for one of my wedding pictures. I want to hang my wedding picture, my parent's wedding picture and Tyler's parent's wedding picture in a group along with all of the wedding invitations.

    Caty Allen

  27. love your frames! I would frame one of Kate's new pics I just had made of her.
    your website is great, I have been on it today looking for Christmas gifts!

  28. Helen Jackson says....

    Your frames are awesome! I would frame a picture of my family of 3 from this past weekend. I can't wait to see them in person next week. Your blog is precious (I'm a sucker for mom blogs these days) and so is your website. You should sell your frames online. I hope to see ya'll next week!

  29. I just have to add...I am really impressed that y'all have a christmas tree up already!!


  30. I love all of yall's picture frames!!!

    I would probably put a picture of my little "Lilly Bug" on the beach in Puerto Vallarta!

  31. hi arre!

    well, the first one isn't hard....i'd of course frame one of my pics that smitten did for me of my beautiful little man rigby! (which by the way 6 month pics now up & you should go check him out! :) )

    second, i like ALL of the frames & love the whole idea of how they are created. but i especially love all the ones that include color on the wood...whether it be a hint or a bold stripe....i'd love to see more!!

    third....maybe including prices with each frame?? just a thought.

  32. So Arre...just stumbled across your blog and I have been reading it for hours. And yes, Biz is napping; I haven't been ignoring her! Anyhoo, it's (the blog) fabulous! Which brings me to...I wasn't able to make it to your show, which makes me sad sad sad. However, I need some frames because I got some Smittened up pictures of my baby guhl! Where can I buy from you? I want some of your frames for Christmas!

    Keep up the good work!

  33. I would put a picture of me, my dad, and Allison at Allison's wedding in it. It was taken a few moments before he passed away, and we were dancing and having the time of our life. Our daddy loved to dance. Right after we finished dancing, out dad hugged us and told us that he loved us for the last time. What a precious time and we were blessed to share that last time together and hear those words. I love your frames and that is the picture I would place in it. Love you girls! Ashley Hutchins

  34. i would frame our Christmas picture...or maybe one of our wedding photos. i love your work, and don't yet own a stewart&james of my own! :) and i don't know if you girls have considered doing mirrors, but i think they would be fabulous!!! beautiful work! :)

    stephanie (thompson) bennett

  35. Hummm, what could I come up with to put in one of your incredible frames? I think I may have a professional take a picture of my dogs, in their "outfits," as Arre says, and then hang it. That way, when they move to their foster parents(Arre and Matt's house, since Arre LOVES dogs more than anything) when Baby C arrives, I won't miss them! HA!

    All jokes aside, I would frame a painting that Stan has from his grandmother. It's awesome but would look even more fabulous if it had one of your frames around it.

    And, I wouldn't change anything about the website.

  36. How fun is this!!!

    I would frame a picture of my Bennett! And, I'd love to see yall do mirrors with your wood frames. Maybe yall already do some? But, I would love one.

    I hope I win :) -Ashley Barrow

  37. Hi girls! Love the blog; it's about the only thing I make time to read on the internet. :-) And I love your fabulous frames, of course! If I won this one, I would frame a pic of Garland and put it in my den. So sad I missed the show a few weeks ago. Keep up the good work!

  38. hey! i left a comment yesterday... did y'all get it? (maybe i was unapproved ...)


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