November 20, 2009

how cute is...


Though - or maybe because - my world is full of little girls - I am super softie for a baby boy!

Bennett's been a s&j baby since day one. His sweet mama is a wonderful supporter of us and has his (precious) nursery decked out with our frames.

I always love seeing our work in a home ...

...especially when it looks like they were made for the space where they end up!

how sweet are these little hands and feet?!

Bennett was born a looker...

and some things never change

Thank you Ashley for sharing these precious photos with us and for supporting us always!


post by arre


  1. I love all of these frames! Especially the ones with the baby's hands and feet in them - so cute and sweet.

  2. How fun to see my Bennett on your blog! Can't wait to enter to win next week!! Hope you girls have a great weekend! - Ashley

  3. the pictures look great ashley!!! i love the first one. and all of them :) hope to see that precious boy today!


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