November 2, 2009

have you seen this :: Bellum Designs

I am feeling crazy thinking I have not yet shared with you the fabulousness that is my sister's wildly creative talent of jewelry making.

She (tisk, tisk) doesn't have a web site, so for ordering information contact
Abby at bellumdesigns{at}gmail{dot}com

post by arre


  1. so glad you posted this and i cant wait to see what she has on thursday!

  2. me either! it'll be here tonight (Angie's enroute to pick it up now - of course!)! i think i'll base my wardrobe for the next few days on what she has!! that reminds me, she needs to borrow a necklace of yours (of her's) to showcase. i'll try to remember to look tonight (don't you have the one that is short with the bar of tiny silver beads? any others that are that same style? do you know anyone who does?)


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