October 30, 2009

have a happy halloween!

in the midst of all the craziness we managed a couple of halloween decorations...
if anyone is in the market for a pumpkin that looks like it was carved by a 5 year old - i'm your girl.
there is a boring story behind why this is the worst pumpkin i have ever carved...but anyone between the ages of 6 mo & 4 years old has not noticed. Mary James is just glad I didn't make her help me because it was "disgusting" carving it. They just love to look at it with a candle in it every night.

We are also crossing our fingers toes and whatever else we can think to do to make sure everyone is well for halloween! I can't have a broken hearted spider girl (mj), tinkerbell (molly) or flower (mills) on my hands. (Scary costumes huh?) we have to get better! I know it's sick season, but it's like we're all falling down like dominos.

Hope everyone has a healthy & fun night!

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