October 13, 2009

weekend fun

This past weekend, me & the fam all headed a few hours north to our old stomping grounds in Athens, GA. We have some family that lives in Athens so our first visits were great-grandparents!
First, we visited my dad's parents...

then my mom's mom (nanny). She has a creek behind her house that we loved to play at when we were little. I made the girls stand in the same spot where we stood for pictures when we were little, but I didn't get much cooperation.

The girls with Nanny

That night, we headed to an old favorite restaurant (Last Resort) with sisters & brother-in-laws. So fun!! But, our main event for the weekend was my cousin (Alison)'s wedding (more on this later). We were so excited about staying in downtown Athens and taking the kids to see a little of the university. On the morning before I left, I had this conversation with Mary James.

Me: Do you know that we are going to see where me and daddy went to college and that's also where we met!
Mary James: I know that mama, Daddy already told me. He said that y'all met there and the first time he kissed you... you tooted (giggles).
me: (can't help but laugh myself) you know that's not true.
Mary James: well, that's what he said.
me: i'm sure he did.

So with those fond memories in our little 4 year old's head... we headed downtown at sunrise (kids in a hotel room, enough said) As Jim & I reminisced that we had not been downtown at this hour unless we were walking home from a long night. (how times have changed!)

Later that day, we headed off to see a bit of North Campus. Mostly because it was the closest to downtown and we had 4 kids with us (mine, plus cousin william).

notice the look on molly's face. she was still recovering from being confined to a hotel room

kiki (my sister kelley) helping ring the bell

Thank goodness for Kiki's stroller

And thank goodness for naps

I have no idea why there aren't any pictures of baby jane! She was there and as sweet and cute as ever but was in the room napping for many of our outings! As always, we are happy to be home, but so glad that we had a good weekend & made some really good memories. Hopefully, Mary James learned a little more about what college is besides what her Daddy put in her head :)
Check back for pictures on Alison & Bo's wedding soon!

quick edit
I can't believe i forgot to mention that i got to meet Ernie! He and his mama (and dad) live in Athens and it just so happened that he was born a couple of hours after our arrival. Thanks for waiting on us Ernie! He is precious - has the most perfect little round face. Wish i had a picture to show, but all i got was a really bad quality cell phone pic. You'll just have to take my word for it :)

have a happy Tuesday!

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  1. first of all, i canNOT stop laughing over that first kiss story - so Jim!

    all of your pictures are so cute and sweet. they made my heart long for Athens! (not college, just Athens)

    and lastly, i am SO, so so so so sos ooooo jealous you got to meet Ernie! he is so adorable and precious in every way!



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