October 7, 2009

Love for Lonny

Along with the rest of the blogosphere, I have waited with bated breath for the debut of Lonny (I investigated bated vs. baited here. i chose tradtion over progression). And now it's here! As I tend to do with most things, I saved the indulgence of devouring the premiere issue until I completed (quite a few) work assignments that were lingering over the weekend. The night before last, after accomplishing what I regarded as 'enough', I sat down with a glass of vinho verde (still clinging to Summer in some ways) and dove in. I even curled up in my chair just like I would have had it been a paper mag (it was a bit cumbersome. luckily Erika beat me to the punch on researching how to not scald one's lap while cozying up with a laptop. thanks e! now if i could just decide which one's for me...)

It is everything I dreamt it would be and more. I've read a handful of reviews online and while the overall concensus is success, I have come across more than one complaint. I had a couple in the beginning myself. But once I got on a computer with expedient internet and learned which view best suited me (paper view), I'm overwhelmingly pleased.

Welcome Lonny! And thank you, Michelle - you are a rockstar, in the form of a pioneering pixie of perfection, of course.

but enough of my thoughts. check it out for yourself! and let me know, can you handle THE online shelter mag (the online part i mean)?

post by arre (who cannot figure out how to get images from lonny to here)

1 comment:

  1. i dig it... and best of all, it's free! right?
    can you sign up for a monthly edition to be sent to you?


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