October 2, 2009

more boot/fall fashion love

i'm not trying to turn this into a fashion blog - anymore than Kristen is trying to turn it into a baby blog - but i just keep stumbling upon great inspiration & i can't help but share it.

i don't even know what my favorite part of the look below is. i mean, i know i love the booties. but the dress, which is fabulous anyway, looks so great belted. i love her chunky necklace, her smoky eye for day, and her middle parted, slightly messy bun (I think it's at least bun-like). and i don't even know who she is!

image via People

post by arre


  1. i originally hated the whole booty fad but i have to admit it has grown on me just like skinny jeans and jeans tucked in boots. i thought they were terrible when they first came out. i also takes me awhile to think new fads are good, typically. however, i don't think i could pull the booty thing off. you could though and i could def. see you in this great outfit.

  2. awe - thanks Shanna! i actually gave a pair of booties (or two!)... you're bound to see me in them soon ;)


  3. that is the girl from the mtv show "the city" based in new york city! she used to work for dvf and she is now with elle.
    now you know i have no life and watch toooo much tv!!!


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