October 2, 2009

geek chic

I have been seriously wanting a pair or geek-chic glasses (and i do wear glasses, necessarily) for a while. No kidding, I just researched it and this is when the obsession started (i am sloooow to pull the trigger on just about anything). These were what started it all! It doesn't help that since then J.Crew has Selima Optique, this fabulous girl has created her own line of the coolest glasses I've ever seen or the fact that Joanna now rocks a pair. Dorky glasses, this just may be your year for my face.

post by arre

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  1. i randomly saw the taylor swift video, i'm a little embarassed to say, the other day and she had on a pair of really gigantic geeky glasses and i actually thought they looked good, but that was video life and they would look really geeky and not in a cool way on me. these glasses are more realistic for real life, however and i dig 'em.


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