October 14, 2009

alison & bo

As i mentioned, on our trip this past weekend, our main event was my cousin's wedding. Alison & Bo were getting married and I didn't know too much about the event, except that it was in a remote location, and had a peanut butter & jelly theme.

When we arrived, we were picked up by a golf cart and taken down this path (and i mean down) into the woods.

The scene was amazing! We were told to help ourselves to a drink and have a seat, the ceremony will begin shortly. We were in the middle of the woods, with a tiny cabin and a small creek running between us (the guests) and the wedding party and family seating.

They had written their own vows and although they were hard to hear (from where we were), there was not a dry eye in the crowd! Kelley was sitting right next to me, tears flowing when Bo was saying his vows and I asked if she could even hear him - and she said no, but Alison is crying :)

Alison looked beautiful!

here are some pictures of a few of the details ...

All photos taken by me or Kelley .. we really aren't sure why she even paid a photographer, these are only a fraction of the amount we actually took! (well i guess the fact that she would want quality over quantity!)

love this next idea...

we all signed a window instead of a guestbook

peanut butter & jelly station..yummy!

adorable out house. I don't know what i'm doing...remember, they opened the bar before the ceremony even started. At least I wasn't sitting on the toilet.
First dance. I'm horrible at remembering small details.. so I know i'm not doing this justice. but Alison & bo were so sweet & so cute. They had a fun, upbeat first dance with everyone joining in to sing.

But my favorite was the father / daughter dance. They did a traditional sweet dance, and then broke out in a choreographed dance as the bride pulled up her dress and we saw she was wearing boots! how cute..with blue tights (for her something blue). It's been a while since i have been to a truly FUN wedding..and this one was just that. Fun. So much attention paid to detail, so many people singing, dancing, laughing.

sister kathryn & brother-in-law, brent

and to top it all off, a really cute couple!

Best wishes Alison & Bo!
post by kristen


  1. great recap Kristen! That was so much fun!!

    I'm laughing about me crying even though I had no idea what they were saying. I believe I remember you looking at me and saying "you are just hormonal."

    So fun!


  2. adorable! looks like such fun! Allison made a beautiful bride, of course! I love the feathers in her hair! That is so cool that her something blue was a pair of tights! love it! too bad the pic you posted in not color ;) and you look so stinkin' cute and gorgeous in that pic in the out house!

  3. i've been waiting on this post. lee epting (sp?) never ceases to amaze me. I've been to 4 weddings that he did and each was unique and so fitting to the bride's personality. how classic, 1940s era, and gorgeous was her dress AND little veil?! and paired w/ the boots and blue tights?! love it!!! love it! love it! it just all seemed so quaint and picturesque. i was wondering how pg&j was gonna turn out but they did it well.


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