October 7, 2009

all in a day's work

The day i am referring to is last Saturday. The day Arre & i made another attempt at gathering wood.

I do wish she would tell this story. She is much better with words but i fear that she will have an anxiety attack reliving it, so you're stuck with me!

It all started out ok (we should've known it wasn't going to go as planned when i was late. this does not happen). After a certain amount of time (that i won't disclose to maintain whatever idea you have of us) we were exhausted, tired of getting splinters, and ready to move on. So, we gathered our piles and borrowed matt's truck to move our pile to an easier to get to location.

After a 10 minute ride in the truck (that should have taken less than one minute thanks to Arre thinking she was going to hit EVERYTHING that was 10 feet or more away) we made it to our pile (keep in mind, we did not even venture onto the street..this was on the same property). As we are trying to back the truck towards our pile, we get stuck in the mud. Mud that i swore did not exist. We contemplated trying to get the truck unstuck ourselves, since Arre was convinced she knew how to stick a board under the tire and do it. Basing my decision on how long it took us to actually GET to the pile of wood, i immediately dialed jim.

He had us out in no time. (thank goodness)

After that, we loaded wood (LOTS of wood) and moved it. While we were unloading
and stacking them in a dry place..this happened

spraying all. over. our. wood. and drowning it.

good thing the above photo isn't a video or it would have to be taken down a few ratings with some bleeps

Water had to be turned off, spigot fixed, and we headed to an old textile mill (more on this later). Even though we did want to pull our hair out, we ended up finding some really cool wood.

and this fun find...

yes, i really was that excited about it (as i look in the picture)

check back for the finished frames!!
post by kristen


  1. I love the blue post. What are you going to do with it?


  2. funny story! glad these things don't just happen to me...and the wood is so gorgeous. the efforts are always rewarding....looking forward to seeing the frames!

  3. i don't know kelley - i just knew we had to have it. not sure what for yet.


  4. Love all the wood! Can't wait to see the finished product!


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