November 23, 2009

hair pins :: ruthie {lindsey} sayles

Ruthie {Lindsey} Sayles may, quite possibly, be the most beloved + coolest + liveliest + sweetest + most adorable girl I've ever met. I remember being overwhelmed by all of these facets of her when we first met (how many?!) years ago and am reminded over and over again of how very true they are. (since both her adorableness and liveliness are apparent in the photo above and her sweetness, indescribable, the best i can do is offer you a hint or two (or three) about how cool she is: 1) she lives in Nashville *sigh*. 2) her husband is a (literal) rock star (hear this? that's him on the drums. on the new Norah Jones album!). 3) she and her home were recently photographed by Reid Rolls. 4 (oops! okay, four hints) her (incredible) house is going to be featured on d*s this week!!! - whew! oh, and for a picture of just how beloved she is, check this and this out.)

In the midst of year plagued with despair (see last link above if you haven't already), Ruthie has not only held strong to her faith and vitality, she has also inadvertently found yet another way to shine.

When she decided, or rather, happened, to start creating hair pins out of vintage findings, there was never any way they were going to be anything but lovely in every way. "I wanted one for myself and so I just tried it out," says Sayles. "The one I ended up making got lots and lots of positive feedback so I made a few for friends and it sort of went from there!" Made of found jewels from the 1940s, '50s & '60s (and sometimes feathers too!), each pin is unique; some make a subtle statement, others undeniably rock.

If you live in the Nashville or Baton Rouge areas, these darlings aren't hard to come by. They are currently be sold at Fruition Salon in Nashville, Emmaline Boutique in Franklin TN and Grandmother's Buttons in St. Francisville LA, where, as far as I can tell, only precious people come from. She's currently making it easy for anyone however, by taking orders by email. To deck yourself out just in time for holiday soiree-ing, contact Ruthie at


And to keep up with Ruthie and all of her fabulousness, visit her blog!

photography by Reid Rolls

post by arre


  1. she is adorable! and i love her hair pins - every one of them!!!

  2. Amazing! I am going to visit her blog asap!

  3. OOOH LA LA!!! Now you know what to get me for Christmas!!!


  4. so cute! ruthie and the hair pins! they look very vintage hollywood glam but would be such a cool touch paired w/ everyday outfits, as well! btw, i "heart" the name ruthie, too!

  5. I LOVE!! I want that green peacock-looking one on the birdcage :)


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