November 13, 2009

so tired

i am tired. a lot. i'm up still with at least one kid a night. you never know who it's going to be or when or how or why but it will happen. so, that leaves one tired mama. I try not to talk about it and trick myself with lots of caffeine and positive thinking but apparently, it comes out because i overheard this conversation a couple of nights ago....

mj: you know at night, mama has to stay her eyes open and watch the monitor in case mills needs her
molly:mouth drops open. doesth(occasional adorable lisp) her take a nap?
mj: i dont' know ..let's ask her.

of course the answer is no because i have sweet children to look after but i thought it was sweet they were concerned and it got me through another bleary eyed day! Well - that and a healthy dose of coffee :)

Have a fabulous weekend filled with as much sleep as you can get!

post by kristen

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  1. i love this story and must confess, i've told it a couple of time myself!



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