July 18, 2010

oh how i love this room.

I have a bad habit of starting posts and never publishing them. I just found this one from November of last year and now having no idea what I was originally waiting on to "finish" it, I'm sening it out ;) especially because i still feel the same way(s) and am constantly looking for inspiration for the new house (geeeez, tired of hearing about that yet?!)

let me count the ways:
- Rubie Green pink East Village draperies. are you kidding me?!

- the nail heads on that fabulous old chair

- the gallery style grouping of artwork in the hall (isn't that probably a hall?)
- the chain motif on the console(s)

- the pair of said consoles

- the sketches propped on (one of) the console(s)

- the enormous silver ornaments lazily strewn about

- (even) that sweet little pup. chillin'

- the "tree" in a vase (reminds me of our's)

- the soft gray walls

- the same soft gray trim

image from Traditional Home found on M.A. Belle

post by arre

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