July 26, 2010

The Flint Riverquarium

it is hot.  and I really don’t do well with hot – After trapping us in the AC for one full day I knew this wasn’t going to fly for the next couple of weeks we have until school starts.  So the next morning we got up bright and early and made our way to the Flint Riverquarium.  I can not believe we have not been all summer...if you haven’t been, you are missing out!

It’s definitely worth the trip to our small city of Albany, Georgia. 


A few facts about our little jewel  (taken from their website):

  • the Flint RiverQuarium tells the story of the Flint River and the blue hole springs that helped create it.
  • there are interactive exhibits featuring more than 100 species of native aquatic life
  • A recent aviary addition also gives visitors a close-up look at a wide variety of birds (that will land on your head..watch out!) found in the surrounding wetland habitat.
  • They even  have a theater (that we have yet to grace our 5, 3, & 1 year old presence with mostly because of the 1 year old but hear it’s amazing) The Flint RiverQuarium’s Imagination Theater presents films on a screen three stories tall.

a few notes that they don’t tell you on the site…

  • the aquarium in the gift shop holds all of the Nemo characters
  • there are lots of ramps that my kids would run up and down for hours if i let them.
  • sometimes if you are there at the right time… the water makes a rainbow through the glass (see photo below)
  • there is a really cool tunnel for the kids to crawl in (on their hands and knees) but if you are over 10, beware – you’ll feel it the next day
  • it is also a really fun venue for a wedding reception (a good friend had a rehearsal dinner there and it was amazing!)
  • and there is an albino alligator!





the photo below is of MJ probably 3 1/2(?) years ago… she went at least once a week at this age and still loves it!

 mj 18 mo

 rainbow flint river molly


  1. this just gave me chills - i loooooove the riverquarium. so. much. i want to go. tomorrow. do you think any of your kids would be up for it again?

    these pictures are amazing and i love your 'what their site doesn't tell you' list.


  2. of course..they would go every day!


  3. Awesome shots! I still haven't gone (I know). But now with my two little guys I think we will be making a trip.


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