July 18, 2010

how much is too much


i think this is the image that started it all (rip, domino). thanks to erin (of course!) for having it.

I've wanted one of these for um... ever and have had a crush on these for quite some time as well. Then I saw these and think they are pretty swell too. (Oh yeh and these at Angie Hranowsky's - she is so fabulous. all the time.)

As I am getting close(r) to being ready to actually buy things to go in the new house, I'm at a loss. . .

How much is too much lucite?!

photo credit: paloma, angie hranowsky, erin

and just a note about blogging in general - bravo to you who scour the internet for countless, wonderful images with which you illustrate your posts. i don't know if i'm stupid or lazy but i just. can't. do it :'(


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