July 14, 2010

a rainbow swim party – Mary James {5th birthday}

So by now you know that my first born child turned 5.  I can’t believe that a little over 5 years ago I had never even met this little girl that has brought so much more to my life.  Life without her with be a bore (to say the very least).  She keeps me on my toes, always challenging, always making me laugh, & forever surprising me with her maturity & love for others.  I am more than thrilled to say she said more than once that it was her best day EVER… (only once did she say it was the worst)  Her favorite gift: an mp3 player that she has rarely let go of since she opened.  What  better way to listen to your music than in a dance leotard in a chair on top of a bench.
So back tracking a few days…the party!
Step 1: decorations
Step 2: invitations
Step 3: cake
Step 4: party (here)
Party favors: punch balloons that we hung from the trees. 
rainbow cake
Mills “helped” to hand out favors by screaming her head off when someone took a balloon home
while molly & mj had a discussion over whose gifts these really are
mj12 mj13
despite the heat, I think everyone had a great time!
As for the party menu:  I kept it simple with some of mjs favorites
  • -chick fil a nuggets
  • -cheetos
  • -watermelon
  • -gold fish
And for the parents I made a dip that is always my easy go to dip. Can be eaten cold or hot, served in a hawaiin bread bowl with fritos
  • 4 c shredded cheese
  • 16 oz. sour cream
  • 8 oz. cream cheese
  • 3 or 4 green onions chopped
  • 2 tomatoes diced
happy summer days to you all!


  1. seriously kristen, you are so good at this. the thought of throwing annabelle a non-family birthday party at all stresses me out. i am not good at throwing parties. you are so talented with this! annabelle is still asking me if we have missed mary james' "happy birthday party." she still calls the princess/fancy nancy outfit she wore to her party last year her "happy birthday dress." she never calls anything just a birthday (insert whatever), it's always a "happy birthday (insert whatever). she still remembers that david hutchins ran over her in the run-away zoom car in the freezing-hinee cold at molly's "happy birthday party".

  2. shanna - you are too nice..just start early and it's easy...really! we hate annabelle missed it! mj loves her present - her makeup bag is her new "wallet" ...can't wait until you do a happy birthday party for annabelle, cuz i know it will be good! (and well photographed :))

  3. you are so good, Kristen. and this party was so fun (and you so ;) have to have that camera)


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