June 23, 2010

rainbow invitations – Mary James {5th birthday}

Party countdown: 15 days

Step 1: decorations

Step 2: invitations (here)

Step 3: cake (to come)


We are now back into the full swing of mj’s birthday party!  we have a couple weeks to go and have been busy putting the final touches on invitations… inspiration found here


Remember – I don’t sew…so I had to make some adjustments to how this was actually going to happen.  I used this little tool:


that conveniently rolls on these little rectangular pieces of double sided tape


I cut my strips of tissue paper (with slits in them) weeks ago. Add layer after layer of every rainbow color, starting with purple at the bottom.


keep adding …


until you are done!


hang it on the fridge


And then realize you forgot to add regrets and the child’s name (i am handing these out, not mailing…so I needed to attach their name somehow).  Of course I could have written it all on there but that would’ve been too easy :)



Invitations: check :)


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