June 21, 2010


happy happy one to jim – 7 years, 3 children, 3 houses later we are still going strong :)  he still makes me laugh, and seeing him with these 3 cuties melts my heart.
028 971 725
On Father’s Day (yesterday) I asked the girls (again) to tell me why they love their dad – so I could jot it down on his wrapping paper.  One of Molly’s answers was – “because he loves you” (talking to me).  I love that she loves him because he loves me :)  She had many other reasons too though – which involved toys r' us and ice cream that were higher up on her list, but that one was my favorite.
Tonight – we get to have dinner with friends to celebrate our 7 years….
this is us on our 1st anniversary…  yikes, we look like babies.
p.s.  Happy 1st day of summer!


  1. You do look like babies...Happy Day to you both!

  2. look at those round, baby faces! Happy Anniversary! It is also the longest day of the year.

  3. Happy Anniversary! Yes, rounder baby faces for sure! : )


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