June 16, 2010

A Gulf of Hope {and Help}

I've been uncharacteristically optimistic about the beloved gulf coast, thus far.

I even had Matt quickly detour to the actual beach for a millisecond last week so I could see and feel for myself that everything was still intact and untarnished... it was - see my toes in that clear water?!

I remain hopeful that the worst will somehow be avoided - or at least quickly remedied. But am becoming increasingly aware of the fact that the only way good is going to be done is by our hands (we are the hands and feet of God, aren't we?); by everyone doing something.

There are a million ways to help, just (at least) pick one. This will help you get started.






(and you live here. on planet Earth.)
images by me (top two) and Refinery29 (bottom one)


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