June 14, 2010


Remember when i promised something hilarious?  Well, I know..it’s been a while and now this video is a few of months old.  Mills would stop what she was doing and strike a Spanish matador’s pose  when anyone shouted “ole!” I tried my hardest to get the perfect “ole” on video, but you know how that goes and now she is (sadly) no longer into the “trick”.  But she used to do it on command and we all thought it was HILARIOUS (especially me, Arre & our waitress at the local mexican restaurant ;)) ..hope you get a little laugh out of it!

We are done with our travels and I will post pictures soon!  We had a blast and are getting settled back into our routine… I hope everyone is having a fabulous summer!

1 comment:

  1. oh this was so funny! i'm glad you at least captured it this much! xx


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