June 28, 2010

the noises i'm near

Where I really live, the silence of night never really finds me.

Traffic is incessant; the train keeps the most irregular schedule - it doesn't know the difference between 10 p.m. and 3 a.m. Sirens blare through the darkness; so do teenage neighbors.

None of this bothers me though. It never has. It makes me feel connected. It makes me feel a part of my neighborhood, the community in which it rests and the great big world that I'm right in the middle of whether I can hear it or not.

Where I currently live, a wood pecker is my alarm clock - he's currently working on a metal chimney. Poor guy. Crickets and rain frogs harmonize their way through the tall grass and geese greet each other as the float back and forth between the flopping fish. Boats buzz by and tractors roll through.

It's a nice change.

But not one I think I'll get used to.

I miss the midnight train too much.


  1. i just love this, arre.
    i've read it several times, i feel that way as well. i have become accustomed to so many noises in this new place that i live. the other day it was peculiarly quiet and it concerned me for a moment.

  2. i really like this post...this writing.


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