June 8, 2010

Summer Shoes

Cassandra posted these. They remind me of these, which I happen to be wearing today. Are they similar or am I dreaming?!

Either way, they made me feel stylish (I'm not) and budget conscious (I'm trying to be). Oh, because did I mention the price tag on mine was one-tenth of the price of the others? wow.

and yes, i have more than one foot. i just happened to be walking while i took this picture and i wasn't up for a mid-morning pike.


  1. you are a nut! speaking of pike...I was helping my 14 yr old niece prepare for cheerleading tryouts the other day and attempted to do jumps that I have not tried since 2000 when I graduated and put the megaphone down. I could barely walk the next day.

    Thanks for the laugh. Let me know how that pike turns out if you decide to try it :)

  2. first of all!! - you ARE stylish..secondly i wish you had tried the pike :)

  3. Um yeah, you're not stylish...whatev.
    So how do you like closed toe shoes in the summer? I like those you have, but I just can't do it.

  4. thanks for the warning, Brooke. i'll definitely try it on a trampoline first ;)

    kristen, you are probably the most likely person to have a trampolilne in the near future, so let me know and i'll give a pike a try.

    lindsay, these are my fave summer closed toes for sure. and they save the world from my often-times unpedicured toes, ya know?!

  5. Like Kristen said, you ARE stylish silly girl! But also, you are right! I think both pairs are very similar and equally cute. And, YAY for owning the more affordable ones. . .I love those small little victories ;)


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