May 20, 2010

paper rainbows

We have another birthday to get ready for (MJ will be 5!)  It is time for the birds to come down and replace them with lots and lots of color!  Here is MJ’s request for her party this  year: rainbows & swim.  She has definitely gotten better at narrowing down her “ideas”.. (remember last year?)
Lucky for me – there is lots of great inspiration out there (thanks for sending links arre!)
I used a rainbow colors of tissue paper for this first idea…(from design sponge)
I took one sheet of tissue paper and folded it over and over until it was 2.5-3” wide.  Then, punched holes all along the top, made lots of cuts (MJ was able to help on this part) and strung a red ribbon through them all. 
Of course, somehow they didn’t turn out quite as perfect as we thought, but they are festive and fun!
The next paper project is my favorite so far and can’t wait to see them in their final party place (which will be in trees all along the pool for the swim party)
These vellum mobiles (info via Oh Happy Day) are SO fun and so easy.  I had to do them a bit differently since I do not sew.  They do take a bit of time, but the finished product is so worth it!
Step 1: buy whatever shades of vellum paper you like… stack them in the order you want them to hang on the mobile, and it’s easiest to use a paper cutter to cut them 1” wide.
step 2: Thread a needle with fishing line and “sew” it through the middle (or off to the side..either way!) of the strip of vellum.
 007 004
Step 3:  Keep adding strips until you feel happy with your length…tie some sort of weight (i used a bell) onto the end of the string to prevent the paper from curling up.
And voila!  The fun thing about these is that you can make them as long as you like (even hang them from the ceiling) and whatever color you like!  I plan to make as many as I can until the big day (which is not until July so we should have PLENTY)
More to come on invitations and party favors!

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  1. oh, how i love these! you've done a great job, Kristen! i can't wait to see which of the other ideas you implement! and i so hope i make the invite list. mj told me, last week, that she would tell her mom to put me on the list. no joke.


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