May 26, 2010


Sorry we've been so absent. Kristen is out of town with her precious girls and I am moving (out (only) oh yeh, and i'm in the middle of a six-month renovation of the house we'll be moving into ... one day) this week, sooooooooooo the little ole blog has taken a (temporary) backseat to our real lives. Please accept our apologies.

And be entertained by Chloe Warner. I just love her. She has great style and seems like such a goofball :)

or catch up on Glee - Fox has full episodes on. demand. awesome.

ok, now i have to go pick a(nother) paint color.


1 comment:

  1. thank you for this!! hope move is going good, let me know if i can help! (or i will just call you instead of trying to contact you through blogger :))


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