May 13, 2010

cast your vote if you wanna

My friend Courtney takes some pretty awesome photographs. She also travels to some pretty incredible destinations. She takes pictures along the way.

One of them ended up here.

Her {gorgeous} photo (pictured above) is currently keeping great company . If you think it's is the best (i do), vote for it (and soon. the competition ends this week). It's entry #3.

see more of Courtney's trip here.

image courtesy of C. Barton. thanks love.


  1. And I think you're pretty awesome. And sweet. Awesomely sweet. THANKS A MILLION!!!! xx

  2. !! love the photo! hope she wins..definitely voting!

  3. AHHHHHH just got the People's Choice Award, Arre!!!! Thank you a million for your enthusiasm and mega support. Never would have been possible without all my awesome fam and friends, like you. ! xx

  4. CONGRATS Courtney! That is SO exciting! I'm proud of you! xxxxx


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